Paraclete Foundation

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Mission statement: To assist the poor and working poor within the boundaries of Holy Spirit Parish to obtain extraordinary repairs and upgrades necessary to allow them to remain in their homes.

For many years Holy Spirit Parish has collaborated with other local churches and agencies to help our neighbors on Johns and Wadmalaw Islands during a crisis.  When brought to the attention of our pastor, funds and laborers would be found to assist the people during these times of need. Whether it was a leaking roof, a broken down appliance, helping set up a family who had recently come to the area and was living in their car, or someone struggling to stay in their home after a hurricane ravaged the area, help was provided. 

In 2018, it was decided to formalize this outreach and the Paraclete Foundation was founded.  Donated funds are tax deductible and checks may be written to Holy Spirit Catholic Church with a note in the memo field “Paraclete Foundation.” 

Current Foundation Projects

Recipient:  The homeowner is 72 years old and has been on disability for a number of years. His wife is currently being treated for cancer.  They live on an annual income of $15,000. 

Repairs Made:  The Foundation is replacing the roof shingles and repairing damage to the roof, fascia, and soffit. 

Project Costs:  Total contractor cost of materials and labor is $8,100. 

Another project required gutting and replacing 2 bathrooms and the kitchen, including all fixtures and flooring.  In the kitchen, it was determined that the damage to the floor was caused by water leaks and extended under the base cabinets, which required replacing the cabinets, countertop, and sink/faucet.  As with the bathrooms, all associated plumbing lines were replaced to prevent a reoccurrence of the damage. The baths and kitchen were so heavily damaged by water leaks that the home would have eventually become uninhabitable without these critical repairs.

Project costs:  A total of 208 volunteer hours (7 different workers) were expended with an approximate cost of $5,300 in materials.

This project included replacing front and back porches:

This project consisted of demolishing and hauling off a large deteriorated deck, repairing the exterior siding, and replacing the rear storm door, which was not useable due to the deteriorated deck and steps.  We built the homeowner a new stoop and steps so they can safely get in and out of the house.  We also left paint for the family to paint the new wood and repairs.

Project cost:  $1,163.67.

Foundation Projects completed in 2019

Recipient:  Mr. O’Neal (65) lives on Johns Island is a disabled firefighter and Army veteran.  He is wheelchair bound.  Two years ago he took out a loan against his home to re-shingle his roof, add a handicap bathroom off his bedroom, and make other repairs/improvements to his home.  The contractor replaced his roof shingles and framed the bathroom addition, but after being paid 2/3 of the agreed price, the contractor hasn’t been back.  His annual income is $10, 824.

Repairs Made:  Members of the Foundation volunteered to take on the completion of the ADA accessible bathroom.  The material costs for this project were covered by a generous donation from Kiawah Cares.  O’Neal’s septic system drain field failed and was backing up.  The Foundation paid to have the drain field repaired by Island Septic.  The bedroom finished flooring will be installed via a partial donation from Carpet Baggers.

Project Costs to date:  $6,747.27 with volunteer labor, estimated remaining expenses $1,100.

Foundation Projects completed in 2018

Recipient: Mrs. Ann (70) lives on Wadmalaw Island and relies on a CPAC device to assist her breathing and is in frail health.  The house is old and in very bad condition.  There was a fire at one time and the walls and ceiling and remain blackened with soot.  The household annual income is $9,000.

Repairs Made: Foundation volunteers installed a shower unit with water and drain lines where none previously existed.  The homeowner’s kitchen sink cabinet was inoperable and collapsing due to water damage.  Foundation volunteers removed the old fixtures and installed a new cabinet, counter top, sink, faucet, and tied the water and plumbing lines into the new unit.  The existing toilet was leaking water 24/7 and saturated the septic system.  A new, taller, elderly-friendly, low flow toilet was installed. They also replaced her incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient LED bulbs. Completion Date: November 30, 2018.

Total Cost: $952.91 (Materials $662.01, In-Kind Donations $290.00)  Volunteer Hours: 21.  Additional donor: Wadmalaw Community Center $400.00

Recipient:  Mrs. Donna (59) lives on Wadmalaw Island and is undergoing a second round of chemotherapy to treat cancer.  During a storm in 2015, her roof was damaged by a tree.  The insurance agency claimed the damage was not covered by her policy and she sought help from FEMA and charitable organizations.  One organization said they would help and had her move all of her furniture and belongings into POD storage units. The organization made some minor interior repairs to the house, but did not replace the roof. They have since stopped work and notified her that they could no longer support the project. All other systems in her house are fully functional (heat & air, plumbing, electrical).  For over two years, Mrs. Donna has been living nearby with her sister. The interior damage to the house was minor, but would have worsened without a roof replacement. A new roof was the only thing keeping her from moving back into her home.  The annual household income is $12,636.

Repairs Made:  The Foundation hired a roofing contractor to replace Mrs. Donna’s roof shingles. Mrs. Donna is now in the process of moving back into her home. Completion Date: December 10, 2018

Total Cost: $9,287.00