February 4, 2024 1:00 pm

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Our readings today remind us that Christ came to serve. Jesus’ entire life was focused on others. He came to fulfill His Father’s mission — the salvation of mankind. He labored for this mission by becoming the humblest of servants.

In today’s Gospel, Simon says to Jesus, “Everyone is looking for you.” Jesus did not seek after the praise. Rather, He responded by saying, “Let us go on to the nearby villages that I may preach there also.” Jesus was already looking to whom He could serve next.

As Christian stewards, we are also called to be humble servants who labor for our Father’s mission. We should strive to imitate the Perfect Steward, Who was constantly aware of the needs of those around Him and put His gifts to good use. For us, this begins right here in our home, parish, and community. We are called to live each moment in awareness of our Father’s mission and in gratitude for all He has given us.

Jesus tells us that the way to be attentive is through prayer. Before Jesus made the decision to go to the nearby villages to preach, He first went off to pray. It is through prayer that Jesus could hear what His Father was asking of Him. We, too, are called to spend time in daily prayer — we will then become aware of the opportunities to serve the Lord.

Let us commit to finding some quiet time this week to pray. Let us ask the Lord — how can I serve You better throughout my days? And let us pray, ‘Make me humble, Lord.’

(Stewardship Consultants)