Parable of Jesus for Us Today

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Parable of Jesus for Us Today

Learning About and Sharing Our Faith

Monsignor Chris DiLella invites anyone who may be interested to come learn about and share our faith! 

The topic to be explored is “The Parable of Jesus for Us, Today.”

Jesus was, is and forever will be THE Master Storyteller!  He taught by telling stories through the use of parables.  We may remember many of them proclaimed in the Sunday Gospels.

Why did Jesus teach this way? What is a parable? Where did they come from? What impact did these parables have on the lives of people in the time of Jesus and for us, today? These and other insights will be explored together.  We plan to begin around mid-January and go up to the beginning of Lent in March.  Two sessions per week will be offered (Tues. at 1p.m. or Fri. at 10a.m.)   The Friday session will be a repeat of Tuesday.  All that will be needed is a bible, pen and paper, a willingness to learn and share together and your imagination! Then, let the GOOD LORD do the rest!! 

An informational meeting will be held on Tues., Nov. 30 at 1 p.m. Please RSVP to the office by phone (843-768-0357) or email ( for the Informational Session or the Faith Sharing Sessions.